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right-wingersradical feministsraciststransphobesself-declared "antis"most locals

while i don't mind underage people following me, please be mindful i am 20 and you can tell me if anything i said makes you uncomfortable. don't be shy about softblocking if that's the case.

i usually talk about politics, sometimes in english and sometimes in portuguese. if you're bothered by it, feel free to sb. x


likes history. storytelling. cartoons. comics. mark lee. sharks. lo-fi. green. the moon. pacific rim. thunderstorms. holding hands. fantasy. mythology. pansies. marine biology. iced tea. archaeology. brazilian foklore. pokémon.
dislikes asmr. math. horror movies. eggs. loud noises. capitalism. when it's too hot.

music nct. bts. got7. monsta x. stray kids. bap. loona. vixx. seventeen. ikon. the boyz. clc. fall out boy. neck deep. calle 13. bastille. harry styles. sidoka.
shows on my block. merlí. teen wolf. chilling adventures of sabrina. queer eye. anne with an e. stranger things. the walking dead. trollhunters.